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Second Life Links

Here is a list of links that are related to second life. If you don't know what second life is I would suggest starting at If you have a Second Life related website and would like it listed here just email me and I will be happy to provide a link exchange.


Second Life - The official Second Life website.

Linden Labs - The corporate site.

Second Life Grid - a resource for businesses, organizations and educators for creating a successful virtual presence in the Second Life.

Mappa Novus - Second Life maps and data

Developer's Resources - Info for Second Life developers

Second Life Wikipedia - A great place to find tons of information on Second Life.

Second Life Wiki - A place for Second Life residents to write articles and contribute their knowledge

Second Life Herald - Presents the game's events, news and author's tips.

Second Life Insider - Web blog with news and tips about both the players and the game.

Official Linden Blog - Up to date Second Life news and events, and important info.

Robin Wood Tutorials - Great second life tutorials and has templates for making clothing.

Second Life Video - Find and share videos at Second Life Video- Machinima Fans.

More Great Sites

Second Life Project - Second Life Project provides You with tools to shape Your Dreams into virtual reality!

Second Life Profiles - Second Life online community for all residents. Provides help, blogs, forums, and product listings.

Shiny Life - Second Life art, tutorials, building, and videos. Lots of great and very helpful tools here for anyone looking to design and build in second life.

Second Life Traveler - Awesome Second Life site! Has tons of great locations to check out and is constantly updated. Definately check this site out if you are looking for things to do in second life.

Machinimoo - Second Life Video Blogging.

Pathfinder Linden - Homepage from SL Community Manager .

Beta Technologies - Architects of the Virtual World.

Taunt - Great Blog with lots of info on Online Games, Photoshop, Second Life, and IMVU

Designer Jeans -Your source for designer jeans, designer shirts, and other high quality clothing for women, men, and children.  

Second Life Blogs - Search all blogs about the online game second life.

Sunglasses - Designer sunglasses at great prices.

Wonderland - A really cool blog

Y Me - digitally encoded genetic machismo

SL Free*Style - SL Fashion Blog

SL Fashion S.O.S. - SL Fashion Blog

SL Men - Style Guide for Men in Second Life

Funny T-Shirts - Funny t-shirts for funny people. has the best poo related funny rude t-shirts around. 

SL Toolbar - Awesome tool bar for your browser to let you access a alot of great second life features.

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