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Free Second Life Shirts!
Sports Shirts

Below are all of our Sports Related shirts. All of the shirts are 100% free for download. We have all types of sports shrits such as football, soccer, etc... Just click on the image or the download link to download the file. Then upload to Second Life and use the shirt to create awesome new outfits!

Sports Shirts Available:

American Fighter Shirt
Atlanta Falcons Shirt
Baltimore Ravens Shirt
Buffalo Bills Shirt
Download 49kb .jpg
Download 54kb .jpg
Download 110kb .jpg
Download 54kb .jpg
Carolina Panthers Shirt
Chicago Bears Shirt
Dallas Cowboys Shirt
England Soccer Shirt
Download 53kb.jpg
Download 53kb .jpg
Download 4mb .tga
Download 79kb .jpg
Ireland Soccer Shirt
Italia Soccer Shirt
Manchester United Shirt
Mexico Soccer Shirt
Download 84kb.jpg
Download 72kb .jpg
Download 83kb .jpg
Download 91kb .jpg
Broncos Shirt
Green Bay Shirt
Jaguars Shirt
Texans Shirt
Download 1mb.jpg
Download 1mb .jpg
Download 1.1mb .jpg
Download 1mb .jpg

*Files that are in the .jpg image format you may have to right click on and go to "save target as" in order to save it, or just open the file then right click on the picture and save the picture. Then just upload it like you would the .tga file.

All of the shirts are ready to be uploaded to second life in the .jpg file. In second life you must go to the File menu then go to upload image. They will first let you preview the image to make sure it is what you want. Then it will cost you 10 lindens which is approximetly $0.05 US. After you have uploaded the file, right click on your second life avatar and go to edit appearance. From there just click on the fabric button and chose the file you just uploaded. That's it! you just uploaded a brand new shirt for much less than buying one in second life itself. The shirt can also be edited in the second life menu to shorten or lengthen sleeves or turn the shirt into a tanktop.

Avatar wearing chicago bears shirt

If you have any requests or pictures you would like turned into a free shirt please email me. I would be happy to fill requests in any catagory.


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