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Terms of Use

All images and files on this site are property of the site owner. They are free for download and may be redistributed at your own risk. Under no circumstances my the images found on this site be collected and sold for a profit. The site is free, if you wish to redistribute the images they must be given away for free, and reference to the website must be made. I suggest reading second lifes terms of service before uploading anything. is not liable for any damage from the use of these images whether it be financial, physical, etc...

You may not, under any circumstances, use site rippers, offline browsers, or site downloaders to take images.

Even though this site is free, this site costs money. When you use site rippers, downloaders, and offline browsers you drain servers of resources and cost webmasters upwards of $200 and more a month. Therefore, do not USE any of these to download the shirt images. You will just succeed in getting shut down.

Do not save entire pages to download the shirt images, for the same reason as above.

*Use images at your own risk

Also if you have a Second Life account then you can teleport now to Hamnida where there is a ton of great information for beginers, including all copyright and trademark rules.

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I ask that if you do use the images or shirts and have a website to make a reference to my site. Thank you and enjoy the free shirts.

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